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Issue 14 (3) 2015 pp. 205–217

Magdalena Wiśnios, Włodzimierz Kanownik, Andrzej Bogdał


Keywords: spring, water quality, chemical status, Ojcow National Park
Abstract: The paper presents analysis of hydrochemical research comprising springs occurring in the area of the Ojcow National Park (OPN). There were 19 springs identified in the area, including 10 in Sąspowska Valley and 9 in the Prądnik valley. All springs in the Sąspowska Valley are natural basins, whereas in the Prądnik valley 7 sources have been partially or totally built up by man. During field works the sources capacity was measured, their temperatures, pH value, electrolytic conductivity and redox potential, whereas concentrations of more than a dozen ions, including macroand microelements, and biogenic compounds were determined in a laboratory. On the basis of investigations it was stated that springs with the yield between 1 and 10 dm3 · s–1 are dominant in OPN. Water flowing from the springs is a two-ionic bicarbonate-calcium water with weakly alkaline pH. On the basis of classification of the analysed physicochemical elements the water was classified to II water purity class, i.e. good quality waters. Elevated concentrations of bicarbonates, calcium and nitrates were registered in all springs, which probably results from natural processes occurring in groundwaters and does not indicate the influence of human activities, or very slight effect.
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DOI: 10.15576/ASP.FC/2015.14.3.205

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MLA Wiśnios, Magdalena, et al. "HYDROCHEMISTRY OF SPRINGS IN THE OJCOW NATIONAL PARK." Acta Sci.Pol. Form. Cir. 14.3 (2015): 205–217.
APA (2015). . Acta Sci.Pol. Form. Cir. 14 (3), 205–217
ISO 690 WIśNIOS, Magdalena, KANOWNIK, Włodzimierz, BOGDAł, Andrzej. HYDROCHEMISTRY OF SPRINGS IN THE OJCOW NATIONAL PARK. Acta Sci.Pol. Form. Cir., 2015, 14.3: 205–217.
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