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Issue 15 (1) 2016 pp. 3-17

Tomasz Noszczyk, Józef Hernik

Uniwersytet Rolniczy w Krakowie

Modernization of the land and property register

Keywords: cadastre update, data quality, property management, land and property register documentation, taxes

The paper deals with the issue of validity of data in a land and property register, a state tier register kept by starostes (government representatives in second tier administrative units). Land and property register documentation may be updated on a regular basis or comprehensively. The Michałowice commune (gmina, third tier administrative unit), near Kraków chose to implement the second mode. In 2012, it undertook this venture on its own initiative and at its cost even though it is a responsibility of starostes.The purpose of this paper was to assess the comprehensive update of the land and property register documentation for the whole cadastral unit of Michałowice and demonstrate its results. Therefore, causes of the decision of the local authorities, society response, and positive and negative aspects of the modernization for both the residents and the local government were discussed. 

pub/15_1_3.pdf Full text available in in Adobe Acrobat format:

DOI: 10.15576/ASP.FC/2016.15.1.3

For citation:

MLA Noszczyk, Tomasz, and Józef Hernik. "Modernization of the land and property register." Acta Sci.Pol. Form. Cir. 15.1 (2016): 3-17.
APA (2016). . Acta Sci.Pol. Form. Cir. 15 (1), 3-17
ISO 690 NOSZCZYK, Tomasz, HERNIK, Józef. Modernization of the land and property register. Acta Sci.Pol. Form. Cir., 2016, 15.1: 3-17.
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