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Issue 2 (1) 2003 pp. 113–121

Sławomir Iwański, Leszek Kuchar


Keywords: Key words. spatial data generator, meteorological data, precipitation, temperature, sunshine, simulation models
Abstract: Many agronomic and environmental models require the input of daily meteorological data. When long series of historic data are lacking, necessary data can be simulated by mathematical models called data generators. There are several well-known generators of daily series of meteorological data for a single geographical point with a known climatic profile, however, there is still demand for generating data simultaneously for several points with spatial relationships being taken into account. The model presented in this work produces possible daily sequences of precipitation, maximum and minimum air temperature and sunshine for several sites, taking into consideration correlations between them. The model was validated using the data form the Wrocław, Leszno and Kłodzko meteorological stations. Various statistical tests were carried out to detect significant differences in the means, dispersions and correlations for the observed and generated data. The comparisons showed a high consistence of the data and a good effectiveness of the method.
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MLA Iwański, Sławomir, and Leszek Kuchar. "SPATIAL GENERATION OF DAILY METEOROLOGICAL DATA." Acta Sci.Pol. Form. Cir. 2.1 (2003): 113–121.
APA (2003). . Acta Sci.Pol. Form. Cir. 2 (1), 113–121
ISO 690 IWAńSKI, Sławomir, KUCHAR, Leszek. SPATIAL GENERATION OF DAILY METEOROLOGICAL DATA. Acta Sci.Pol. Form. Cir., 2003, 2.1: 113–121.
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