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Issue 15 (1) 2016


Issue 15 (1) 2016 pp. 3-17 , DOI: 10.15576/ASP.FC/2016.15.1.3
Tomasz Noszczyk, Józef Hernik
Modernization of the land and property register
Issue 15 (1) 2016 pp. 19-34 , DOI: 10.15576/ASP.FC/2016.15.1.19
Marcin Spychała
The efficiency of textile filters for wastewater treatment in conditions of stable wastewater table
Issue 15 (1) 2016 pp. 35-47 , DOI: 10.15576/ASP.FC/2016.15.1.35
Aneta Bylak, Magdalena Wójcik
Benthic macroinvertebrate communities response on the fine sediment accumulation in mountain stream
Issue 15 (1) 2016 pp. 49-58 , DOI: 10.15576/ASP.FC/2016.15.1.49
Dominika Ciaranek
Short-term variability of air temperature in cold season in Poland
Issue 15 (1) 2016 pp. 59-67 , DOI: 10.15576/ASP.FC/2016.15.1.59
Marek Dąbski, Margot Dudkiewicz, Ewelina Kozorys, Mariusz Szmagara
Transformations composition dendroflora and conservation status of the palace and park in Orłów Murowany (lubelskie voivodeship)
Issue 15 (1) 2016 pp. 69-80 , DOI: 10.15576/ASP.FC/2016.15.1.69
Grażyna Gawrońska, Krzysztof Gawroński
The method of assessment of potential ecological effects of obtaining energy from the straw biomass
Issue 15 (1) 2016 pp. 81-89 , DOI: 10.15576/ASP.FC/2016.15.1.81
Antoni Grzywna
Peatland surface subsidence in drainage grassland Polesie Lubelskie
Issue 15 (1) 2016 pp. 91-101 , DOI: 10.15576/ASP.FC/2016.15.1.91
Ryszard Kostuch, Paweł Mundała, Artur Szwalec, Renata Kędzior
Influence of CEZ Skawina power plant combustion landfill on plants associations inhabiting nearby areas
Issue 15 (1) 2016 pp. 103-111 , DOI: 10.15576/ASP.FC/2016.15.1.103
Dorota Matuszko, Daniel Celiński-Mysław
Solar conditions in krakow and their potential for helioenergetics
Issue 15 (1) 2016 pp. 113-124 , DOI: 10.15576/ASP.FC/2016.15.1.113
Bogusław Michalec, Andrzej Wałęga, Agnieszka Cupak, Andrzej Michalec, Anna Połoska-Wróbel
Determination of the rating curve in the backwater cross-section of reservoirs at Zesławice
Issue 15 (1) 2016 pp. 125-137 , DOI: 10.15576/ASP.FC/2016.15.1.125
Krystyna Pudelska, Margot Dudkiewicz, Wojciech Durlak, Marzena Parzymies
An importance of the former and present therapeutic gardens
Issue 15 (1) 2016 pp. 139-150 , DOI: 10.15576/ASP.FC/2016.15.1.139
Tymoteusz Zydroń
Estimation of shear strength parameters of soils on the example of one of landslide on the slope of wiatrówki (Beskid Niski Mts.)
Issue 15 (1) 2016 pp. 151-163 , DOI: 10.15576/ASP.FC/2016.15.1.151
Tymoteusz Zydroń, Paweł Miętus
Shear strength of unsaturated soils from vicinity of Gorlice
Issue 15 (1) 2016 pp. 165-177 , DOI: 10.15576/ASP.FC/2016.15.1.165
Tymoteusz Zydroń, Tomasz Zaleski, Dominika Janik
Influence of moisture content and shearing rate on shear strength of silty soils from the neighbourhood of Kotlina Sądecka

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